What happened after 5 months on Keto! I just have a super casual chat about how my ketogenic lifestyle is going for me and what I’m eating, what I’m experiencing and I share with the things I’ve learnt I need to do better.

I LOST 10 KG IN 12 WEEKS: https://youtu.be/NqgmOFVTiYU
(Please watch this video first if you have not already seen it!)

Please remember I am not a Dr or a nutritionist. I am simply sharing my own experience with you and I am not encouraging you to take on a ketogenic lifestyle. I have had so many questions and it honestly is something that has changed my life for the better and I want to share that experience with those who want to know about it.

If you are considering changing to a ketogenic lifestyle it is always best to consult with your doctor.

Please be respectful of lifestyle choices in the comments section.

Makeup I’m wearing in this video: https://youtu.be/wwwFK6nqHVo

ox Crystal

Why I choose a Ketogenic lifestyle: https://youtu.be/9kEC1D-iLS0

Dr Eric Berg:

Keto and Intermittent Fasting for Beginners: https://youtu.be/AnyFVWwzgJI


Some of your questions answered:

Will eating keto clog your arteries? https://youtu.be/HmJSw0x3Rl0

Is ketosis safe long term? https://youtu.be/5vIoHR7J24I

Heart disease on a keto diet- https://youtu.be/a3oFUywz5DI


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Hi I’m Crystal – I am a makeup addict and fashion lover from Victoria, Australia 🙂 I love creating videos such as Makeup Tutorials, First Impressions, Get Ready With Me, Clothing Hauls, Makeup and Cosmetic Hauls as well as Tag Videos and Challenges. I am also an Australian Vlogger as my husband, my siamese cat Coco and I have a vlogging channel! I put out roughly 2-3 videos a week mainly relating to makeup, beauty, lifestyle, cooking and baking!
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House Tour: https://youtu.be/5ZcrEUFzwFg

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My Skincare Routine: https://youtu.be/A0hj_5_W0cU

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My latest Cosmetic Haul: https://youtu.be/WDDDXNhb-0E

My latest Clothing Haul : https://youtu.be/x4LrbWgoTtA

Latest Favourite Products: https://youtu.be/HYrFNOvSdh4

Bloopers: https://youtu.be/I5kU-l0QfOY


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